Mini Magnets

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What is a custom magnet?

Custom magnets are printed in a magnetic stock, that allows ink to penetrate in one side of the stock only and has a high attraction for metals. Very popular and with low cost, it’s widely used for publicity, marketing agencies and as decoration. 

What are the sizes available for custom magnets at Supreme Banners?

Supreme Banners has a big variety of sizes for you to customize and produce your exclusive magnets, exactly how you desire.  Here you find 9 custom sizes for magnets:  2”x3.5”| 4”x3”| 4”x6”| 4.25”x6”| 4”x7”| 4”x8”| 5”x7”| 4”x11”| 5.5”x8.5”| 
Check out our models and know which one fits best your clients' needs! 
Material : 14PT magnet Full Color